Flower Paintings

These flower paintings evolved by exploring the interplay between colour with a photorealism approach that creates a stunning, modern approach to flower painting.

Some of the paintings show flowers floating on water, the reflection of light on the water and the contrast of colours are important within the composition. I views them in an almost abstract way in terms of how the colours work together and enjoy working the subtle layers within the flowers to portray their intense beauty & fragility.   Others show flowers set against strong colours or decorative patterns. I see them as a celebration of colour and beauty.

The majority of these paintings have been sold and are in Private Collections however there is a selection of 4 paintings that I have made into limited and open edition prints. These can be purchase through my shop.  I am also happy to consider commissions if you have a favourite flower you would like a painting of.  Please just fill out the enquiry form on ‘Contact Me’ page.

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