Hello, welcome to my new website and my very first blog.

Suzanne Kemplay still life, portrait and flower artist working oils
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I have started on a journey to find my way as an artist and to see if I can earn a living doing what I love. This is the first time since graduating (1988) that I have had the chance to go to my studio 5 days a week and so far I absolutely love it. While I am there time flies and new pictures start to emerge. It’s also allowed me more time to explore what I’m doing and to go back to doing some drawing which is very exciting. Previously when I’ve only had a day or two in the studio I always felt pressured to be painting, in other words working on the finished product rather than exploring the subject.

Recently I have had a couple of people come and sit for me for which I am incredibly grateful. For someone to sit for you and allow you the time to capture them whether in a drawing or painting is so exhilarating. When they see themselves and like what you do it’s even better. I have nearly finished a portrait of Claudia who is 8 months pregnant and once I’ve finished I will share the images that show the progression of the portrait. She has been sitting for 2 hours (with breaks of course) each session and we’ve had 4 sessions so far. Once she’s had the baby I hope to do some mother and baby sketches.

I’ve started work on a number of still life paintings for an exhibition I am holding at Whitespace Gallery in Edinburgh at the end of October. I will be exhibiting alongside fellow artist and friend Olivia Irvine. I will provide more information on the exhibition in my next blog. In my still life work flowers are always central to me as I never tire of painting them and there is so much choice and so many different colours. Once I have the flowers I then bring in everything else, chose cloths for the background and foreground, select some fruit and recently I’ve been trying to find other interesting objects to bring in. I’ve been looking at the Scottish colourists and have also found myself constantly drawn to Matisse’s still life that incorporate so much colour and patterns. I’m not sure how noticeable these influences are other than my love of rich strong colours.

And finally a plug for my newly created flower prints! These can be purchased through my Etsy shop (please click the link).

At the moment I feel like a needle in a haystack so please if you have an Etsy account or even if you don’t, give me some favourites (hearts) on my pictures and for my shop this will help build my profile. I would love to develop the range but first I need to start selling what I have! Thanks for your support.

If you’ve made it this far thank you for reading my blog. Suzanne x

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